Initiatives Related to Quality

Quality Policy

In order to accord activities related to “continuously increasing corporate value,” which is the most important task for businesses, with “initiatives related to quality” and “initiatives related to the environment,” our company has set forth quality policies and environmental policies in our “Management Philosophy” and “Corporate Code of Conduct Basic Policy.”

Corporate Code of Conduct Basic Policy

ISO 9001

In 1995, as a way to guarantee our quality policy, we promptly obtained ISO 9001 certification.


Quality Assurance System Based on ISO 9001

In order to reliably make use of the ISO 9001 certification that we obtained in our quality assurance system, our entire company has been working together to carry the following processes.

*DR (Design Review)

The Design Review is an evaluation aimed ensuring quality in each process related to products and services for customers: “planning,” “design,” “production preparation,” “manufacturing,” and “service.”

Evaluation and Test Items

In order to guarantee “design quality,” “production preparation quality,” and “manufacturing quality,” and enable use with a sense of reassurance, the following functional verifications and environment and planning verifications are carried out as necessary at the time of development and at the time of manufacturing.