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Fanless Embedded PC BX956 series with Atom D510 1.66GHz, VGA, WES2009(ja/CF 2GB)

This product is a fanless PC for embedded use based on a dual-core Atom processor D510 1.66GHz. It has small footprint of about A5-size and low height which allows installation in a space of 50mm thick. Dual-core CPU and DDR2 SDRAM 2GB memory contribute to high-performance computing with high-reliable design, such as fan-less, spindle-less and slit-less. The speedy dual-core processor introduces the fastest computing in compact BOX-PC series. When applications should be processed parallel, they will be computed very efficiently by 2-cores and 4-threads processing. It has extended interfaces such as 1000BASE-T, USB2.0, and serial. It adopts CF card for the storage and is fanless, which demonstrate the totally spindleless design that simplifies the maintenance.

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  • Dual core energy saving processor with HyperThreading Technology--Dual-core CPU and DDR2 SDRAM 2GB memory make it possible to process heavy applications. It supports HyperThreading (2-cores and 4-threads) and contributes to stable multi-processing, such as parallel communications, controlling and HMI.
  • Serving the downsizing of equipment, a small footprint design for A5-sized installation area--This product adopts space-saving design of 182(W) x 155(D) x 35(H), permitting placement in the smaller, A5-sized space with opening of only 50mm. It largely serves downsizing of your equipment, fits any area with the aestheticness kept. It is also possible to attach to the VESA standard 75 x 75, 100 x 100mm using the optional fittings.
  • Slitless/fanless design that reduces maintenance work--This product's spindleless design eliminates the heat dissipating slit and CPU fan and adopts CF card for the storage. It is free from dusts and foreign objects, and the use the parts that degrades over the years is avoided in most case, resulting in drastic alleviation of the maintenance burden.
  • Major types of peripherals are supported with rich interfaces including the two CF card slots--It has a variety of extended interface such as 1000BASE-T x 2, USB2.0 x 4, serial (RS-232C) x 2. It has 2 CF card slots that can use for OS and data. They are very useful because you can use one slot for system start-up and the other for maintenance, system log, or taking away the collected data.
  • Falling-off prevention tools and fixing clamps provided to avoid trouble caused by disconnected cable--This product stays trouble-free, being equipped with USB removal prevention fitting and cable clamp for connectors with no locking mechanism, such as USB cable, and with hardware to properly mount and avoid falling out of CF card.



Atom N510 (1.66GHz) 
PC2-6400 DDR2 SDRAM 
Video I/F
Analog RGB(15pin) x 1 
1000BASE-T x 2 
USB 2.0 x 4 
RS-232C x 2 
HD Audio 
Expansion slot
CF TypeI x 2 (reserve 1) 
Preinstall OS(storage)
Windows Embedded Standard 2009 japanese 
Preinstall OS(storage)
(2GB CF Card) 

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Product CodeProduct
IPC-ACAP12-04AAC Adapter (Input:100-240VAC, Output:12VDC 4A)
BX-BKT-VESA02Metal fittings for VESA(75 x 75, 100 x 100mm)
CF-1GB-BCompactFlash 1GB (FIX DISK Spec.)
CF-2GB-BCompactFlash 2GB (FIX DISK Spec.)
CF-4GB-BCompactFlash 4GB (FIX DISK Spec.)
CF-8GB-BCompactFlash 8GB (FIX DISK Spec.)
IPC-ACAP12-04AC Adapter(Input:100-240VAC, Output:12VDC 4A)

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