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F&eIt series Isolated Analog Input Module for USB

ADI12-8(USB)GY is compact analog input module which is applied to USB and can be used easily. ADI12-8(USB)GY converts external analog voltage signals into digital data.

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  • ADI12-8(USB)GY can store up to 256K sampled data. Because CPU is incorporated in the module, USB communication processing will not result in data-losing, the data in every sampling period can be obtained. The executable, minimum sampling cycle depends at the time of processing of sampling in the module, and becomes about 2msec(Use it 32 channels) at 600uSec (Use it 1 channel).
  • Analog trigger function: The ADI12-8(USB)GY sampling start and stop can be controlled by the signal change from a specified channel. Because you can select either upward or downward slop again set value, sampling can be performed without missing the measured event.
  • Isolated from external device: There is not external electric effect on the host computer by way of USB ports because of the isolation between the CPU of the module and A/D converter by opto-coupler.
  • Setting range with software: The input range can be selected from among 0-10, 0-5, ±10, and ±5 V. Each analog input pin can withstand up to ±20 V as it integrates an overvoltage protection circuit.


Analog I/O

Input channel
Differential 8ch 
Input range
Input range
Input range
0 -- 10V 
Input range
0 -- 5V 
Output channel
Output range
A/D conversion speed
D/A conversion speed

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Product CodeProduct
ADI12-8(FIT)GYF&eIt series Isolated Analog Input Module
POA200-20F&eIT series AC adaptor (90 - 264VAC 0.3A / 5VDC 2A)
POA-AD22AC Adapter Input 90-264VAC, Output 5VDC 2A
POW-AD13GYF&eIT series AC-DC Power Supply Unit Input 85-132VAC, Output 5VDC 3A
POW-AD22GYF&eIT series AC-DC Power Supply Unit Input 85-264VAC, Output 5VDC 2A
POW-DD10GYF&eIT series DC-DC Power Supply Unit Input : DC10-30V, Output : DC5V 3A
VI-DAQVI Library of data acquisition for LabVIEW

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