GPIB Communication (IEEE-488) - PC Measurement Control Component PC HELPER Series

High-performance, High-speed F Series GPIB Communication Devices

GPIB Solutions from CONTEC

A professional in the area of GPIB communications, CONTEC offers an extensive range of GPIB solutions. We provide support for a wide range of development environments and interfaces, a varied selection of software applications for easy program development such as LabVIEW, and our proprietary controllers that enable stable supply.
Going forward we will continue to offer solutions that reflect customer feedback.

GPIB (IEEE-488) solutions

Extensive lineup with choice of bus type

Our GPIB products can be used with both desktop and laptop PCs. Choose products from our extensive lineup to suit the expansion slot on your PC.

Recommended PCI/USB 2.0 Products (Top Seller)

Low-cost PCI-compliant GPIB communication board GP-IB(PCI)FL

Low-cost PCI-compliant GPIB communication board GP-IB(PCI)FL

Features IEEE-488.1 and IEEE-488.2 compliant bus master transfer function for high-speed data transfer. Features 2 Kbyte FIFO buffers for both sending and receiving data. APIs for Windows/Linux and LabVIEW included as standard.

Cables also available.
Recommended product that is No. 1 in terms of cost-effectiveness.

USB 2.0-compliant High-speed GPIB Communication Microconverter GP-IB(USB)FL

USB 2.0-compliant High-speed GPIB Communication Microconverter GP-IB(USB)FL

Supports USB 2.0 High Speed mode. Provides bus power operation and long, 1.8-meter cable. Connects directly to GPIB devices. APIs for Windows and LabVIEW included as standard.

Popular for ease-of-use - simply connect to PC USB port.

Powerful support software: Full range of programming tools for Windows/Linux and LabVIEW

CONTEC provides a variety of programming support tools such as those for Windows APIs and ActiveX (OCX), Linux APIs, and LabVIEW drivers.

Windows/Linux Programming

Windows/Linux Programming

API for Windows/Linux programming is included as standard. A diagnostic program that is handy for initial setup and confirming program operation, easy-to-use online help, and a variety of sample programs are also included.

LabVIEW Programming

LabVIEW Programming

We offer drivers for LabVIEW to allow program development in LabVIEW. Completed GPIB communication programs can be run using CONTEC PGIB communication devices.

ActiveX Control (OCX) Programming

ActiveX controls

Software components specially designed for device control and measurement applications such as screen display, analysis, operations, and file manipulation are offered with standard Windows ActiveX controls (OCX). ACX-PAC(W32) comes with collection of source programs and can be customized.

Accessory Lineup

CONTEC provides a wide range of accessories including GPIB cables, and adapters that prevent cables from interfering with each other.

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