C-LOGGER Screen Image

C-LOGGER is a Windows version of data logger software for analog I/O device products. It provides true data collection and monitoring function,such collected signal data graph drawing, zoom observation, file saving, and dynamic transfer to Excel (spreadsheet program) without any need for annoying programming.


Data Logger Software C-LOGGER for Windows 7 / Vista / XP / 2000

C-LOGGER Ver.1.29 Free Download!

For Users using 64bit OS

Please use C-LOGGER in the setup environment with the latest device driver [API-AIO(WDM)].

Upgrade Information
2015/12/04 Ver.1.29 Free Download was started. Windows 8.1 is supported. AI-1664LAX-USB, AIO-121602LN-USB and AIO-120802LN-USB were supported.
2014/03/07 Ver.1.28 Free Download was started. It was Excel 2013. The problem was corrected that clc(CONTEC Logger Config) file cannot be successfully loaded.
2012/12/03 Ver.1.27 Free Download was started. It was improved UI(User Interface), and corresponds 64 bit OS(Windows 7/Vista/XP etc.) and Excel 2010.
2010/03/12 Ver.1.24 Free Download was started. The sampling trouble that dosen't make channel label was corrected.
2009/12/11 Ver.1.23 Free Download was started. Windows 7 is supported. the trouble which is happened with certain device was corrected.
2009/08/10 Ver.1.22 Free Download was started. AIO-163202FX-USB and AIO-121601M-PCI were supported. The trouble with AT-1204Z-PCI was corrected.
2008/10/22 Ver.1.21 Free Download was started. Troubls of YT windoe and force-quit were corrected.
2008/04/14 Ver.1.18 Free Download was started. AI-1204Z-PCI was supported.
2008/01/25 Ver.1.17 Free Download was started. The trouble which dosen't record normal waveform was corrected.
2007/10/12 Ver.1.16 Free Download was started. Support devices are added and trouble was corrected.
2007/04/20 Ver.1.14 Free Download was started. Windows Vista was supportted.
2006/11/17 Ver.1.13 Free Download was started. Excel transfer's trouble was corrected.

Product Feature

High-speed sampling and graph drawing

C-LOGGER incorporates optimized data processing logic based on the professional expertise of CONTEC as a device manufacturer, capable of getting the most out of the performance of hardware. C-LOGGER provides high-speed graph drawing and quick response even when handling a large amount of data.

Multi-window interface

Screen Image(Multi-Window)C-LOGGER can display two or more windows for graph display (YT window) and numeric display (numeric window). You can customize each window in its size and the number of channels displayed.

[Expansion display for example]

Dual-graph display for full-scale and zoom

Screen Image(Dual Graph)C-LOGGER can display collected data on a full-scale graph and on a zoomed graph. For example, while displaying the total data, the local part of data can be indicated by expansion and checking details.

[Expansion display for example]

File Viewer and Property Viewer

Screen Image(File and Property Viewer)File Viewer provides a tree display for managing collected data and data loaded from files. Property Viewer displays detailed information on each item of data.

[Expansion display for example]

File saving and Excel dynamic transfer

C-LOGGER can save collected data to files. It supports two different file formats: versatile CSV format and compact binary format for faster access. C-LOGGER also provides automatic file saving and dynamic transfer to Excel sheets as features convenient when handling a large amount of data collected through high-speed sampling for an extended period of time.

Other features

Wizard(interactive program) for easily setting sampling conditions. Capable of loading collected data from saved files. Customizable graph display(line colors, background color, label, etc.)

Operating Environment

Support OS Windows 8.1 (32bit / 64bit) for English / Japanese
Windows 7 (32bit / 64bit) for English / Japanese
Windows vista (32bit / 64bit) for English / Japanese
Windows Server 2003 (32bit / 64bit)for English / Japanese
Windows XP (32bit / 64bit) for English / Japanese
Windows 2000 for English / Japanese
Supported versions of Excel Excel 2000, Excel 2002, Excel 2003, Excel 2007, Excel 2010, Excel 2013
Computer system unit
(Recommended environment)
PC with Pentium 4 1 GHz or faster processor and at least 512 MB of memory
Analog Input/Output device

C-LOGGER compatible CONTEC's analog I/O device set up on the computer system

The newest version of API-AIO(WDM) can be downloaded from here.

The newest version of API-USBP(WDM) can be downloaded from here.


Support Products for Analog Input/Output device

10MS/s 12bit Analog Z series

  Model Analog Input Function Details
PCI Board
Z Series PCI Board
AI-1204Z-PCI 12bit, 4ch, 100nsec Datasheet

Multi-Function M series

  Model Analog Input Function Details
PCI Board
M Series PCI Board
AIO-121601M-PCI 12bit, 16ch, 10µsec/ch Datasheet

Multi-Function F series

  Model Analog Input Function Details
PCI Express Board
F Series PCI Express Board
AIO-163202F-PE 16bit, 32ch, 2µsec/ch Datasheet
PCI Board
F Series PCI Board
ADA16-32/2(PCI)F 16bit, 32ch, 2µsec/ch Datasheet
F Series USB
AIO-163202FX-USB 16bit, 32ch, 2µsec/ch Datasheet
CardBus PC Card
F Series PC Card
ADA16-32/2(CB)F 16bit, 32ch, 2µsec/ch Datasheet

Low-cost Multi-Function L Series

  Model Analog Input Function Details
PCI Express Board
(Low Profile)
L Series PCI Express Board
AIO-160802L-LPE 16bit, 8ch, 10µsec/ch Datasheet
AI-1616L-LPE 16bit, 16ch, 10µsec/ch Datasheet
PCI Board
(Low Profile)
L Series Low Profile PCI Board
ADA16-8/2(LPCI)L 16bit, 8ch, 10µsec/ch Datasheet
AD16-16(LPCI)L 16bit, 16ch, 10µsec/ch Datasheet
AD16-64(LPCI)LA 16bit, 64ch, 10µsec/ch Datasheet
ADAI16-8/2(LPCI)L 16bit, 8ch, 10µsec/ch, (Bus isolated) Datasheet
ADI16-16(LPCI)L 16bit, 16ch, 10µsec/ch, (Bus isolated) Datasheet
Fシリーズ USBモジュール
AI-1664LAX-USB 16bit、64ch、10μsec/ch Datasheet
CardBus PC Card
L Series PC Card
ADA16-8/2(CB)L 16bit, 8ch, 10µsec/ch Datasheet

Intelligent E Series

  Model Analog Input Function Details
PCI Board
E Series PCI Board
AD12-16(PCI)EV 12bit, 16ch, 10µsec/ch Datasheet
AD12-16U(PCI)EV 12bit, 16ch, 1µsec/ch Datasheet
AD16-16(PCI)EV 16bit, 16ch, 10µsec/ch Datasheet
AD16-16U(PCI)EV 16bit, 16ch, 1µsec/ch Datasheet

Analog A Series

  Model Analog Input Function Details
PCI Board
A Series PCI Board
AI-1216AL-PCI 12bit, 16ch, 10µsec/ch Datasheet
AI-1216AH-PCI 12bit, 16ch, 150µsec/ch Datasheet
AIO-121602AL-PCI 12bit, 16ch, 10µsec/ch Datasheet
AIO-121602AH-PCI 12bit, 16ch, 150µsec/ch Datasheet

USB Module N Series Multifunction DAQ unit

  Model Analog Input Function Details
USB Module
AIO-121602LN-USB Multifunction unit
12bit, 16ch, 2μsec/ch
AIO-120802LN-USB Low Price Multifunction unit
12bit, 8ch, 5μsec/ch

USB Terminal Series

  Model Analog Input Function Details
USB I/O Terminal
AI-1608AY-USB 16bit, 8ch, 10µsec/ch Datasheet
AIO-160802AY-USB 16bit, 8ch, 10µsec/ch Datasheet

USB Module Series

  Model Analog Input Function Details
USB Module
ADI16-4(USB) 16bit, 4ch Datasheet
ADI12-8(USB)GY 12bit, 8ch Datasheet