PT-40 触摸屏一体机 PT-40 - 触摸屏PC / 无框架式 / 5.7-inch LCD / ARM 600MHz / Windows Embedded Compact 7 / DC电源

  • 停产商品
  • 标准保修1年
  • 延长保修可能
  • 修理承接期限 : 2024/12/28
  • Contributes to reductions in energy usage
  • Fanless design that reduces maintenance and inspection work
  • Space-saving design contributes to the miniaturization of equipment
  • Equipped with PC-standard expansion interfaces such as USB and LAN
  • Equipped with 'CONTEC Manager', a tool that supports system development
  • *



型号 产品型号/适应规格
PT-40NVF-DC353111 [修理承接期限: 2024年12月28日] PANEL-PC 40 Series, Fanless, ARM Cortex-A8, SD, 5.7-inch, WEC7, DC input
  • CE 欧洲合格认证


Power Supply / AC Adapter

項目 項目名
PWA-36AWD1 AC Adapter(12VDC)

Extended Warranty Service

項目 項目名
ESP-F5 Extended warranty service package (5 years service course)
ESP-S1 Extended warranty service package (Extension one year)

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