New Product Release - An IoT Appliance Designed Especially for Backing Up PLC Programs CONPROSYS™ Alpha Series “PLC-Backup”

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 Contec has developed an IoT appliance designed especially for automatically backing up and restoring PLC programs and parameters. It has started receiving orders for the CONPROSYS™ Alpha Series PLC-Backup from November 6, 2018.


CPSA-PCB100_plc_setting_screen Communication setting screen

Model Product Name Main Functions
Backup history display, PLC failure diagnosis, Battery replacement date management

 This new product (Model: CPSA-PCB100) connects to PLCs via Ethernet connection or RS-422A (optional) and can automatically read, save and restore programs and parameters of the connected PLC. It also can be monitored from office environment in remote area as an operational monitoring device of connected PLCs when this new product (Model: CPSA-PCB100) connect to network.
 All settings for device functions can be carried out via browser. To begin use, users need only perform settings for the program backup area, settings data addresses, backup cycles, etc.
 To minimize line stoppage times caused by failures at manufacturing facilities, it is common to periodically perform PLC backup for the controllers of each piece of equipment. However, when there are large numbers of PLC devices, the periodic backing up of these devices by maintenance technicians can take months when performed manually. This means that once a failure does occur, the backed up data is already old, resulting in more time being required before production lines can be restored.
 With this new product (Model: CPSA-PCB100), the latest backups can be retrieved automatically with ease, reducing maintenance technician man-hours by ensuring that backups are performed on schedule and facilitating preventive maintenance.

Main Features

  • Ethernet or RS-422A (one-on-one connection) can be used for connection

    * Optional 2 Ch Serial I/O module is available.

  • Up to 5 PLCs can be connected per series.
  • Backup area settings can be performed easily via browser
  • Can be used for setting backup schedules
  • Automatically manages the generations of backed up data
  • PLC failure diagnosis via system area monitoring
  • Management of battery replacement dates/schedules
  • Supportable PLCs: Sharp, JTEKT, Mitsubishi(incl. plan)

    * Refer to the reference manual on Contec’s website for the latest information on supported PLC manufacturers and devices.

  • Authentication/display/PC-linking functions

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