New Product Release - PCI Bus Compatible Bus-isolated Analog Input Card

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 Contec Co., Ltd. is pleased to announce our successful development of the PCI bus compatible bus-isolated type analog input card, AI-1216I2-PCI (hereinafter “New model”). New model is released for sale on September 10, 2019.

AI-1216I2-PCI AI-1216I2-PCI

 The new model is PCI bus compliant interface card that can input analog signals and convert them into digital signals (AD conversion). The new model is a successor model that maintains functional compatibility with the old model (model: ADI12-16(PCI)) so it can be used without any change of customers’ application.

Model Description
AI-1216I2-PCI Analog Input PCI Card /16ch (12bit 50ks/s) / Bus Isolation

Differences between AI-1216I2-PCI and ADI12-16(PCI)

AI-1216I2-PCI(New model) ADI12-16(PCI)(Old model)
Card name to be displayed ADI12-16(PCI) *1 ADI12-16(PCI)
Supportive environment RoHS Directive compliant Lead reduced product
Current consumption 5V 700mA 5V 1200mA
Card weight 150g 160g
  • Note 1:
    The card name "ADI12-16 (PCI)" will be displayed even after installing this product. The product runs without problems even with the displayed card name "ADI12-16 (PCI)".

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