New Product Release : BX-U200 BOX Computer — An Embedded Computer the Size of Just Two Business Cards and the Smallest & Lightest Device in the Series

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CONTEC Co., Ltd. introduces the newly developed BX-U200 series, an extremely compact and fanless embedded computer that is the size of just two business cards and that is the smallest and lightest model in its series of BOX Computers. CONTEC announces release of the new series on January 15, 2020.

BOX Computer BX-U200


Mounting image of Wireless LAN model to DIN rail (Option required)

Model CPU / Memory / Storage Wi-Fi・
BX-U200-NA01M03 Atom x5-E3940 1.6GHz / 4GB ECC RAM / M.2 32GB None  None
BX-U200-W19M01M03 Windows 10 IoT Enterprise 2019 LTSC 64-bit
BX-U200R-NA01M03 Built-in None
BX-U200R-W19M01M03 Windows 10 IoT Enterprise 2019 LTSC 64-bit

Main features

  • Reductions in running costs and energy usage

    This product uses the x5-E3940 low power consumption Intel Atom processor platform in order to achieve low power consumption while still providing sufficient performance.

  • Power supply/charging and video output with a single cable

    The USB PD protocol supported by USB Type-C enables this product to both supply and receive power to and from external devices such as monitors, USB hubs, or docking stations just by connecting a single cable. Furthermore, it supports DP Alt Mode, which enables video signals to be output to monitors using the same cable, resulting in minimized wiring.

  • An extremely compact computer with an installation area the size of just two business cards that contributes to the miniaturization of equipment

    This is the smallest [110(W)×90(D)×29(H)] and lightest device in the series that can be installed anywhere. It can be installed using an area roughly equivalent to that of a small paperback book and with a clearance of only 50 mm. This product assists customers in miniaturizing their equipment without compromising design.

  • Supports a wide range of temperature environments from -30°C to +50°C

    Stable operation of this product is possible within a wide range of ambient temperature environments from -30 to +50°C.

  • Can be installed to the rear of LCD monitors or on DIN rails

    This computer can be installed to the rear of VESA-compatible LCD monitors, as well as on DIN rails (optional mounting bracket sold separately).

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