New Release of Fanless & Slitless Embedded PC BOX Computer BX-956S Series with 29 mm Thickness, Conforming to Overseas Safety Standards

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CONTEC Co., Ltd. (listed on the Second Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange, Securities Code: 6639) is pleased to announce our successful new development of a fanless & slitless thin-profile embedded PC that has 29 mm thickness and conforms to overseas safety standards of UL and CE Marking. We will begin sales of this product on September 20, 2016 as the BOX-Computer BX-956S series.

BOX Computer BX-956S

Product Name CPU Memory OS / Storage
BX-956SD-DC771314 Intel Atom E3845(4-core, 1.9GHz) 4GB DDR3 ECC supported Windows Embedded Standard 7 32-bit (Japanese, English, Chinese and Korean supported) / 16 GB CFast card (Q-MLC)

The new product "BOX Computer BX-956S series (hereinafter referred to as "BX-956S series") is an embedded PC that has a slitless and fanless design to prevent the ingress of dust into the case and has achieved a thin profile of 29 mm thickness to allow installation in tight spaces. A variety of extended interfaces are incorporated in its compact and slim case including CFast card slots (x 2), DVI-I (x 1), 1000BASE-T (x 2), USB3.0 (x 1), USB2.0 (x 5), serial (RS-232C) (x 2), and DIO (x 1). This product contributes to improved reliability, miniaturization and cost reduction of systems as an IoT edge controller in various fields, including embedding into manufacturing/inspection facilities, digital signage, security, and remote monitoring systems.

The BX-956S is an embedded computer suitable for overseas markets. It conforms to the requirements of safety standards of CE Marking and UL (Underwriters Laboratories in the US) and uses "Windows Embedded Standard 7" embedded OS supporting four languages of English, Japanese, Chinese and Korean.


  • Contributing to reducing running cost and energy usage

    This product uses a low power consumption platform of Intel® Atom™ Processor E3845 to achieve low power consumption while still providing sufficient performance.

  • Design for satisfying the requirements of various safety standards

    As with our conventional products, this product is designed to satisfy the requirements of safety standards of VCCI, FCC and CE. It is also UL-listed, which proves the safety of the product.

  • Slitless and fanless design that reduces maintenance and inspection work

    This product does not use a heat dissipation slit or a CPU fan and has achieved a completely spindleless design by using a CFast card for storage. This prevents the ingress of dust and other foreign matter into the product. Together with minimized use of parts that degrade over time, the design greatly reduces the work required for maintenance and inspection.

  • Remote power supply management function that reduces labor requirements

    The system can be turned on externally over a network (Wake On LAN) or by receiving signals over a modem (Power On by Ring). This leads to major reductions in the labor required for operation.

  • Twin CFast card slots and other various interfaces for flexible extension of peripheral devices

    This product has incorporated various extended interfaces including: DVI-I (x 1), 1000BASE-T (x 2), USB3.0 (x 1), USB2.0 (x 5), serial (RS-232C) (x 2), and DIO (x 1). Two CFast card slots are extremely useful to separate OS data and other data. You can use one slot for starting the system, and use the other slot for maintenance or to take system logs/collected data back to your office.

  • Removal prevention fittings and clamps to prevent problems resulted from cable disconnection

    The product is equipped with fittings and clamps to avoid unnecessary problems. The USB removal prevention fitting and cable fixing clamp prevent the disconnection of the USB cable or other connectors that have no locking mechanism. The card removal prevention fitting prevents the removal of the CFast card.

  • Reliable design required for embedded applications

    The Windows® Embedded preinstalled model can use the EWF function* of the OS. The EWF function prohibits unnecessary writing to the recording device to eliminate concerns about the limitations on the number of times the recording device can be written to and to prevent unexpected system changes. This ensures reliable design required for embedded applications.

    • *
      EWF (Enhanced Write Filter) is a characteristic function of Windows Embedded Standard that redirects writing to the disk to RAM or similar media in order to protect the disk by restricting the actual writing to it.
  • Supporting a wide range of power supplies from 10.8 to 31.2 VDC

    The product supports a wide range of power supplies from 10.8 to 31.2 VDC, which enables the use in various power supply environments. When an optional AC adapter (sold separately) is used, the product can also be used in the power supply environments between 100 and 240 VAC.

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