New Release of FLEXLAN™ FX3000 Series, a Wireless LAN Unit for Global Use with Worldwide Radio Certification Obtained

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CONTEC Co., Ltd. (listed on the Second Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange, Securities Code: 6639) is pleased to announce our successful new development of three types of wireless LAN units for global use that have obtained radio certification around the world (Embedded board type: FXE3000, Resin case type: FXA3000 and FXS3000). We will begin shipment on October 4, 2016 as the FLEXLAN FX3000 series as soon as they become available.

Wireless LAN access point (master/slave) FXA3000

Embedded type wireless LAN board (master/slave) FXE3000

Wireless LAN access point (master/slave)

Product Name Applicable country/region Supported standard
FXA3000 Japan TELEC, VCCI Class A
FXA3000-US USA, Canada, India, Thailand, Singapore FCC, IC, WPC, NBTC, iDA
FXA3000-EU Europe (R&TTE Directive) CE
FXA3000-KR South Korea KC
FXA3000-TW Taiwan NCC

Wireless LAN access point (master/slave)

Product Name Applicable country/region Supported standard
FXS3000-CN China SRRC

Embedded type wireless LAN board (master/slave)

Product Name Applicable country/region Supported standard
FXE3000 Japan TELEC, VCCI Class A
FXE3000-US USA, Canada, India, Thailand, Singapore FCC, IC, WPC, NBTC, iDA
FXE3000-EU Europe (R&TTE Directive) CE
FXE3000-KR South Korea KC
FXE3000-TW Taiwan NCC

The FLEXLAN FX3000 series is a wireless LAN unit conforming to IEEE802.11n/a/b/g standards that supports high-speed communication up to 300 Mbps (theoretical value). Through mode switching, it can operate as either an access point (master) or a station (slave). Since both the power supply via an AC adapter (sold separately) and a DC power supply (5 to 30 VDC) are supported, the product can be embedded into printers, medical equipment, POS terminals, automated guided vehicles and other devices without voltage conversion.

The export, manufacturing, and sales of wireless LAN-incorporated devices overseas require radio certification specified in relevant countries/regions and the conformity should be shown explicitly. It requires tremendous cost to select an appropriate wireless LAN unit for each destination, verify their operation, and manage procurement. The FLEXLAN FX3000 series has already obtained radio certification around the world. By using the FLEXLAN FX3000 series for all of your wireless LAN units, you can save development and operation costs significantly.


  • Conforming to four standards of IEEE802.11n/a (W52/W53/W56*1)/b/g

    Selection is possible from 19 channels (W52/W53/W56*1) in the 5 GHz band (IEEE802.11n/a) and from channels 1 to 13 (IEEE802.11n/g) or channels 1 to 14 (11b) in the 2.4 GHz band, which enables designing of a flexible wireless network with consideration for radio interference. A dual channel of IEEE802.11n standard (using 40 MHz width) is also supported.

    • *1
      W52: Channels 36, 40, 44 and 48; W53: Channels 52, 56, 60 and 64; W56: Channels 100, 104, 108, 112, 116, 120, 124, 128, 132, 136 and 140
  • Supporting various power supply environments

    This product supports power supply through an AC adapter (sold separately), DC power supply between 5 and 30 VDC, and a LAN connector.

  • Switchable among an access point (master), a station (slave), and a repeater

    Through mode switching, the product can be operated not only as an access point (master) but also as a station (slave) or a repeater. It can be used as a wireless LAN converter for wired LAN devices.

  • Proprietary encryption technology "WSL" compatible with WPA2/WPA and WEP

    In addition to the sophisticated security standards of WPA2/WPA and IEEE802.1X authentication, this product includes our proprietary encryption technology "WSL" that can be used together with them. MAC address filtering and ESSID hiding are also supported.

  • VLAN, virtual AP and other functions

    Various functions have been incorporated such as the VLAN function for building a virtual network and the virtual AP function that operates a single AP as multiple virtual APs to configure different security settings. Moreover, a large number of event logs can be stored (about 15,000 events which is 7 times as much as that of our conventional models).

  • Equipped with a connector cover and a security wire attachment mechanism (FXA3000)

    This product offers theft-prevention measures such as the included connector covers to protect connectors and security wires to be attached to the security slots.

  • CONTEC's optional antenna can be connected as necessary (FXE3000)

    This product has two chip antennas. You can also select CONTEC's optional antenna according to your application.

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