New Product Release: Three-Phase Motor Insulation Deterioration Monitoring Module for Continuous Breakdown Prediction Monitoring of Operating Equipment
A Device That Will Revolutionize Maintenance of Pumps, Compressors, A/C Fans, Metalworking Machines, and Transport Equipment

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 CONTEC Co., Ltd. (listed on the Second Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange, Securities Code: 6639—hereinafter "CONTEC") has developed a functional module (model: CPS-MM-LC) that can be used for continuously monitoring operating three-phase motors for signs of insulation deterioration. This new breakdown prediction monitoring solution from the CONPROSYS™ brand of industrial IoT products was released for sale on October 2, 2018.

Combination with IoT controller

Model Product name Specification
Three-phase motor insulation deterioration
monitoring module
Number of measurement channels: 1 ch
Circuit to be measured: Power supply mode, inverter mode
ZCT inside diameter: ⌀25 mm
Measured voltage range: Phase voltage 10 VAC to 600 VAC
Measured current range: 0 to 1 A (power supply), 0 to 100 mA (inverter)
Resolution: 0.001 mA
Measured insulation resistance range: Less than 1,000 MΩ

 This new product (model: CPS-MM-LC) is to be used in combination with such CPU module as M2M controller CPS-MCS341-DS1-131 that features built-in data collection and web monitoring functions. We anticipate its prompt use as a continuous monitoring device for equipment maintenance in which the included dedicated ZCT (Zero-phase-sequence Current Transformer) can be installed to the three-phase motor (induction motor) circuits of existing equipment such as pumps, compressors, A/C fans, metalworking machines and transport equipment, etc.
 Because planned periodic motor inspections are normally performed with equipment stopped, it is difficult to predict when a sudden motor breakdown might occur. Until now, it has also been necessary to disconnect motor wiring during inspections of equipment with inverters.
 This new product will eliminate the need for equipment to be stopped during inspections thanks to its ability to measure the insulation resistance of operating three-phase motors. We anticipate its adoption will revolutionize how machine maintenance is performed, with the browsing of continuous machine monitoring data becoming a more important element of such operations. It is also designed to significantly enhance work efficiency while boosting equipment operating ratios by preventing equipment breakdowns before they occur. Because it can be used for directly monitoring the values of insulation resistance components (I0r) that come with a high risk of device heat generation and electric shock, it is also useful from a safety management perspective.
 This module also features “Modes-IO” patented technology from Tanashin Denki Co., Ltd. that provides special techniques for precisely measuring insulation resistance components (I0r) from operating motors, as well as special techniques for enabling the measurement of the inverter output side (motor), which had been difficult until now.

Example of System configuration

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