Solar Light Measurement System & Digital Signage Linkage

System Overview

This is a combined system consisting of the Solar Power Generation Measurement System (SolarView Compact) and the Signage Player (DS-220).
A digital signage display, located in the entrance hall of an office building, can provide not only floor information but the amount of electricity generated by the solar power generation system operating on the roof, publicizing the company’s commitment to environmental load reduction.

Systems Diagram

The system displays the electricity generated by solar power generation on the digital signage of an office building.
It can also display such information as news and weather forecasts by cooperating with Web services.


  • In house design and manufacturing

    The measurement devices we offer (hardware) are CONTEC’s original products created by our internal design and manufacturing departments. We have achieved high reliability and steady supply based on 30 years of experience in the field of industrial computer production.

  • Solar Power Generation Measurement System

    The system comprises all fundamental functions required for a solar power generation measurement system. In addition to the acquisition and storage of power generation data, the system can present a slideshow on a large display screen or display a web page via network without relying on other systems.
    It is also equipped with a linkage function with other systems via network. The system can be configured to send an e-mail notification when it receives an abnormal signal from the power conditioner.
    The system is compatible with power conditioners more than 90 models provided by 17 manufacturers.

  • Signage player

    A management tool called "EMPopMaker" is available, which allows users to create content and set play time in a intuitive manner. Using a Windows PC, it is very helpful when creating a web page and setting play schedules including date, day of week, and time slot for each playback.

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