DAQ Blog Series - Data Acquisition Software

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DAQ Blog Series - Data Acquisition Software

DAQfast Data Acquisition Software

Various types of software are available on the market today to support DAQ needs. Contec offers a variety of easy to install options such as the original data loggers that can be installed immediately without any programming necessary as well as other options like MATLAB and LabVIEW drivers.

C-LOGGER / Data logger - This free download provides a graphical display of measurement data, zooming observation, file saving, and dynamic transfer of data to an Excel spreadsheet.

API-GPLV / GPIB communication for LabVIEW - Used with Contec's GPIB communication cards with LabVIEW or Microsoft Visual Basic.

DAQfast for LabVIEW - PC-HELPER runs on LabVIEW and it is easy to use with polymorphic IV.

ML-DAQ / MATLAB library - Interfaces are identified with MATLAB Data Acquisition Toolbox


Learn more about our DAQ product offering and how Contec can be your DAQ partner for additional hardware applications.

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