Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Basic Policy

Contec Co., Ltd. (“Contec”) and its subsidiaries (hereinafter referred to as “Subsidiaries” and collectively with Contec, as the “Contec Group”) believes that it is its social responsibility to protect personal information it handles in the course of business as well as to properly control personal information, in all of its business. The Contec Group provides Safety, Security and Satisfaction by prescribing this Basic Policy, the Basic Rules for the Protection of Personal Information and other related rules and regulations and through the appropriate use and protection of personal information by its officers and employees.

  1. When collecting personal information, the Contec Group specifies purposes of use thereof as explicitly as possible, and uses personal information only within the scope of such purposes of use except where the consent of the person to whom such personal information belongs is obtained or as otherwise permitted as an exception under applicable laws and regulations. The Contec Group will not provide or disclose personal information to any third party without the consent of the person to whom such personal information belongs unless permitted as an exception under applicable laws and regulations.
  2. In handling personal information, the Contec Group complies with applicable laws and regulations, guidelines set by the national government and various standards relating to the protection of personal information, and internal rules conforming thereto, to fulfil its social responsibility as a company.
  3. The Contec Group prescribes rules and regulations relating to the handling of personal information and other related matters, safely accumulates and retains personal information, strives to prevent unauthorized access thereto and any leakage, loss or damage thereof, and takes corrective measures as necessary.
  4. The Contec Group establishes a point of contact to respond to requests for correction, update or deletion of personal information or complaints and consultation relating to the same. When requested to take any such measure by a person to whom such personal information belongs, the Contec Group will take appropriate measures in respect of such person’s rights regarding said personal information.
  5. The Contec Group strives to maintain and improve an appropriate system to control personal information by pursuing appropriate protection and control of personal information to meet the changing social circumstances and needs of its customers, business partners and shareholders, among others, and to comply with applicable laws, regulations, standards or the like.

Purposes of Use of Personal Information

In the course of business, the Contec Group may acquire personal information of its customers, business partners, shareholders and former employees, among others (excluding its current employees; hereinafter collectively referred to as “Customers”).
Personal information collected by the Contec Group from Customers will be used for purposes described below to realize aims such as further improving Customers’ satisfaction by providing and enhancing its products and services:

  1. To provide and introduce information regarding its new products, technical information and various services;
  2. To send brochures, informational magazines and various materials;
  3. To send technical references and communicate in relation thereto;
  4. To reply to inquiries, opinions and requests regarding its products and services;
  5. To receive applications for various events and introduce such events (exhibitions, seminars, marketing campaigns, questionnaires, etc.);
  6. To present case studies, FAQs, etc.;
  7. To confirm and introduce products and requested services;
  8. For purposes of use within the scope necessary for the services and work provided by the Contec Group;
  9. To increase Customers’ satisfaction when providing products and services;
  10. To select, determine and take other actions regarding the hiring of job applicants when their personal information is collected through the inquiry form regarding employment opportunities at the Contec Group;
  11. To submit various notifications, conduct labor management and take other actions prescribed under applicable laws and regulations such as the Labor Standards Act with respect to personal information of former employees of the Contec Group; and
  12. For purposes of use which are individually notified when personal information is acquired.

Provision of Personal Information to Third Parties

The Contec Group will not provide personal information of Customers to any third party except in the cases described below:

  1. When Customers consent to the provision of their personal information to third parties;
  2. When the provision of personal information is required by laws and regulations or the like;
  3. When there is an urgent need to protect a human life, body or property, and when it is difficult to obtain Customers' consent;
  4. When there is a special need to improve public health or promote the healthy development of children, and when it is difficult to obtain Customers' consent;
  5. When there is a need to cooperate with a national government's organization, a local government or a person entrusted by them in the performance of its duties prescribed by laws and regulations, and when there is a possibility that obtaining Customers' consent would interfere with the performance of the said duties;
  6. When the Contec Group entrusts the handling of personal information within the scope necessary to achieve the purposes of acquisition or use thereof; or
  7. When the Contec Group provides personal information in connection with the succession of business due to a merger or otherwise.

Entrustment of Handling of Personal Information

The Contec Group may entrust the handling of personal information to its contractors within the scope necessary to provide services and information to Customers. When the Contec Group does so, it will supervise the security control measures taken by such contractors.

Proper Control of Personal Information

The Contec Group takes the necessary and proper security control measures to control personal information by the methods described below, such as the prevention of any leakage, loss or damage thereof:

  1. Prevention of any loss, misuse or alteration of personal information through strict security measures; and
  2. Prevention of unauthorized access to personal information through firewall access control and password control.

Point of Contact regarding Handling of Personal Information

The Contec Group keeps retained personal data accurate and up-to-date by responding to requests for notification of purposes of use, disclosure, correction, addition or deletion of the contents, suspension of the use, erasure and suspension of the provision to third parties of the retained personal data. The point of contact regarding personal information held by Contec is as described below. For inquiries about personal information held by a Subsidiary, please contact the Subsidiary's point of contact, which will be specified separately.

Point of Contact
Point of Contact for Personal Information, General Affairs Department
Contec Co., Ltd.
3-9-31 Himesato, Nishiyodogawa-ku, Osaka, Japan 555-0025
Tel: +81-6-6472-7130
Fax: +81-6-6475-1728

Method of Contact
Please contact the point of contact specified above. Telephone services for inquiries are available from 9:00 to 17:00 on weekdays (Japan Standard Time). As necessary, Contec may verify the identity of Customers by their name, date of birth, address, telephone number, fax number, email or other information.

Matters that Require Attention

If Customers do not agree to the handling of personal information by the Contec Group or Customers fail to provide their personal information, then the Contec Group may not be able to provide various services to Customers.


This Privacy Policy is subject to amendment from time to time if applicable laws and regulations or the like are established, revised or otherwise changed or if the Contec Group considers it necessary to amend this Privacy Policy. Further, if Subsidiaries have in place other policies regarding the protection of personal information or rules regarding the handling of personal information, or the Contec Group has other policies or rules in place to comply with the laws and regulations of other countries or regions, such policies and rules will prevail over this Privacy Policy.

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