DAQ-LIBMB-WIN DAQfast Modbus Communication Library for Windows

  • The master functions for Modbus communication are provided by the Windows API, allowing communication control of a Modbus slave device from a Windows PC.
  • Supports Modbus TCP (Ethernet base) and Modbus RTU (RS-485 base).
  • Includes convenient packaging of the libmodbus free software library (LGPL 2.1 + license) and a simple and clear API function reference manual using an online help format.
  • Includes Visual C++, Visual C#, and Visual Basic GUI sample programs, as well as Python CUI sample programs.
  • Supports Contec IoT/M2M communication devices including CONPROSYS IO-Link Master and CONPROSYS nano remote I/O.
  • Utilize IO-Link and CONPROSYS with Windows.





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