CCB-SMC1 Terminal Card for SMC-2P(PCI), SMC-4P(PCI)

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  • 标准保修1年
  • 修理承接期限 : 2023/01/31


These accessories are used in order to connect simply and appropriately SMC-2P(PCI) or SMC-4P(PCI), a motor driver unit, a limit sensor, and external apparatus like a power supply. Since it has the optimal function according to the characteristic of external apparatus, it is possible to cut down a wiring man day sharply.

    • Connection terminal with a motor driver unit: It is a connector for connecting a motor driver unit to these accessories. It is connectable with a servo driver and the driver unit of a stepping motor. Since D-SUB37 pin connector is adopted, processing/work is easy. Signal arrangement is optimized in order to connect for the controller connection terminal of a motor driver unit simply.
    • Jumper: It is a change jumper for optimizing wiring according to the input-and-output circuit of a motor driver unit. It can respond to the encoder of a line driver system or an open collector system. According to the input circuit (resistance) of a motor driver unit, the exterior / internal power supply can be changed easily.
    • External power supply: it is a terminal for supplying a power supply to these accessories. Since LED will emit light if the power supply is supplied to this card, ON/OFF of a power supply can be checked easily. Since the terminal screw system is adopted, it can carry out simply ON/OFF.
    • DIN rail attachment adapter: by using an optional DIN rail adapter [DIN-ADP1], it can attach in 35mmDIN rail.

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