API-AIO(WDM) Windows version High-efficiency Analog I/O Driver


API-AIO(WDM) is the Windows version highly efficient analog input-and-output WDM driver which became convenient that it is easy to use. The highly efficient application software which harnessed the command to hardware in Win32 API function (DLL) form, and harnessed the special feature of hardware by various programming languages, such as offer, Visual Basic, and Visual C++, can be created. * [Standard appending] is carried out to the PCI bus correspondence board. The newest version can carry out [free download] from a special site [API-TOOL Developer`s Site].

    • An API function is further classified for every function from the conventional driver (API-AIO (98/PC)), and it is simple and becomes easy to use.
    • Abundant sample programs were prepared according to the usage.
    • Acquisition functions, such as a list of correspondence hardware and the number of channels, are prepared, and more nearly general-purpose application can be created now.
    • Even if it has an initial value in various parameters, such as sampling conditions, and does not investigate all parameters, it can use first.
    • The higher-performance: In 'the analog input E series', It was able to set a sampling start condition and the condition precedent which there was many of the demand separately. For example, control a start of sampling it and a stop with an outside signal; it is possible. Developping memory area on a driver, and it is possible for the infinite sampling that used FIFO memory like the analog E series to be 'a standard type'. In addition, the analog trigger (level trigger) came to be made, too.

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