AO-1604VIN-ETH 隔离模拟输出, 以太网兼容单元 (±10V电压输入), 16bit, 4ch - N 系列

  • 新产品
  • RoHS Compliant
  • 标准保修1年
  • 延长保修可能
  • 4 channels of analog output (voltage output) with high accuracy, and 4 channels of digital input and output respectively are contained
  • Sampling can be driven by a clock or by various triggers
  • Output circuits include Zener diodes for surge voltage protection and circuits for overcurrent protection.
  • Operable in a wide range of 12 - 24VDC power
  • Windows/Linux support device driver
  • Windows/Linux compatible driver libraries are supported.
  • *



型号 产品型号 适应规格
AO-1604VIN-ETH N Series for Ethernet Isolated Analog Output Unit (±10V Voltage Input)
  • CE 欧洲合格认证
  • FCC制度认证
  • VCCI


Device Drivers

項目 項目名
API-AIO(LNX) Analog I/O Driver for Linux
API-AIO(WDM) Windows version High-efficiency Analog I/O Driver

Development Support Tools

項目 項目名
DAQ-DNC-FE A collection of .NET components for DAQfast measurement system development.
DAQ-LV-WIN LabVIEW Data Acquisition Library


項目 項目名
C-WaveformGenerator Waveform Generator for Windows

Power Supply / AC Adapter

項目 項目名
CONPROSYS 12VDC电源模块 12VDC AC-DC Converter
CPS-PWD-30AW24-01 CONPROSYS 24VDC 1.3A(Max.)电源模块
CPS-PWD-90AW24-01 CONPROSYS 24VDC 1.3A(Max.)电源模块
POA201-10-2 AC adaptor (12V,1A)


項目 項目名
CPS-MAG01-4 Magnet (Four Piece Set)

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