PIO-16/16L(PM) 数字量输入输出 PCMCIA总线 卡 16点/16点 (光电隔离 12-24VDC)

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PIO-16/16L(PM) is the digital I/O card which outputs and inputs a digital signal. It is used after PCMCIA2.1/JEIDA 4.2 (PC Card Standard is included), inserting in the PC card slot of conformity. Since it is electrically isolated by the photo-coupler, the PC card slot side and the input-and-output signal interface part are excellent in noise-protection nature. The digital signal of DC 12-24V can be inputted and (a maximum of 16 points) outputted (a maximum of 16 points). The Windows version driver (API-PAC(W32)) appending.

    • It can respond to an external power supply which is different in an input part and an output part because of the common composition of a 16-point unit.
    • All 16 points of an input signal can be used as an interruption input. Moreover, the edge of the input signal can also generates interruption.
    • It has the digital filter function in which the noise and chattering of an input signal can be prevented.
    • The rating of an output signal is maximum DC35V and 100mA per point.
    • The surge absorber is connected to the output transistor for protection from surge voltage.
    • * : If your PC has a stack of two TYPE II PC Card slots, two PC Cards cannot be used simultaneously in both slots. It can be used along with another PC Card which does not use any external connector, such as a memory card.

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