PIO-32D(PM) 数字量输入输出 PCMCIA总线 卡 双方向32点 (非绝缘5VDC-TTL)

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  • 标准保修3年
  • 修理承接期限 : 2018/07/10
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It is the products of the PC card standard conformity which outputs and inputs a digital signal, and can be used by the PC card slot corresponding to PCMCIA2.1/JEIDA 4.2 or subsequent ones. The digital signal of a TTL level unites an input and an output, and can use them 32 points. The Windows version driver (API-PAC(W32)) appending.

    • An input and an output can output and input the digital signal of 32 points (eight point x4 group) in all. A high-speed response is possible at TTL level input and output.
    • It is used per eight points (one group), choosing an input or an output. That is, only 16 inputs, 16 outputs, and an input embrace 32 points, only an output embraces to uses, such as 32 etc. points, and various usage is possible.
    • The signal of input and output is negative logic, [0] corresponds to a High level and [1] corresponds to a Low level.
    • It can interrupt and all the input signals and a maximum of 32 points can be used as an input. Moreover, the edge of the input signal can also generates interruption.
    • It has the digital filter function in which the noise and chattering of an input signal can be prevented.
    • * : If your PC has a stack of two TYPE II PC Card slots, two PC Cards cannot be used simultaneously in both slots. It can be used along with another PC Card which does not use any external connector, such as a memory card.

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