PIO-16/16T(LPCI)H 数字量输入输出 Low Profile PCI总线 板卡 16点/16点 (非绝缘5VDC-TTL)

  • RoHS Compliant
  • 标准保修3年
  • 延长保修可能
  • TTL-level input/output enabling fast response.
  • Capable of receiving 16-channel TTL digital signals
  • Capable of sending 16-channel open-collector digitals
  • You can use all of the input signals as interrupt inputs. You can also select the interrupt trigger edge of the input signal.
  • The board has a digital filter feature to prevent noise or chatter from causing erroneous inputs.
  • Up to 30VDC, 40mA per signal, max. output.
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