POW-AD13GY F&eIT series AC-DC Power Supply Unit Input 85-132VAC, Output 5VDC 3A

  • 停产商品
  • 标准保修1年
  • 修理承接期限 : 2025/06/20




POW-AD13GY is the compact power supply unit which supplies DC electric power of a F&eIT series product. Like other products of this series, this AC-DC power supply unit has equipped the main part standardly with the DIN rail attachment mechanism, and can install it simply and smartly. In addition, a system can be easily built combining a F&eIT series product.

    • It is the mass type of a 5VDC(s) 3A output.
    • The unit main part is equipped standardly with 35mmDIN rail attachment mechanism.

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