COM-1PD(FIT)GY 串行通信 F&eIT I/O模块 RS-422A/485 1ch / 隔离・防浪涌电流

  • RoHS Compliant
  • 标准保修1年
  • 延长保修可能
  • *


COM-1PD(FIT)GY performs serial communication of external equipment and RS-422A/485 conformity, and can use it as COM3 or COM4 of microcontroller unit CPU-SBxx(FIT)GY of F&eIT series. Moreover, it can be used as an extended COM port of a media converter [RP-COM(FIT) H, RP-COM(FIT) H-AF].

    • A standard COM port (COM 3 or 4) can be extended to a F&eIT microcontroller unit.
    • Software can perform a baud rate setup from 2-921,600bps.
    • Between modules, it is isolated electrically.
    • Surge protection of all the RS-422A/485 signal lines is protected.
    • This module is equipped standardly with 35mmDIN rail attachment mechanism. Moreover, the connection with a controller unit is an easy and smart side stack system.

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