DIO-16/16(FIT)GY 数字量输入输出 F&eIT总线 I/O模块 16点/16点 (光电隔离 12-24VDC)

  • RoHS Compliant
  • 标准保修1年
  • 延长保修可能
  • *


This module perfoms to input/output digital signals to and from external devices, can be used by connecting it to F&eIT series controller modules . DIO-16/16(FIT)GY can be connected to DIO-16/16(USB) respectively, to increase the number of I/O channels. Opto isolation prevents electrical influence from external devices to the host PC. DIO-16/16(FIT)GY has 16 channels input and 16 channels output per module.

    • Different external power supplies can be used for each common pin as it is shared by 16 channels. DIO-16/16(FIT)GY has 16 digital input channels and 16 digital output channels.
    • Output section is a high sink current, open collector type using high-capacitance transistors. 150 mA/24 VDC or 50 mA/48 VDC max. (per channel). Input section is ready to accept both the current sinking output and current source output.
    • Isolated I/O operations using an opto-coupler improves noise immunity.
    • It has a digital filter to prevent input signals from carrying noise or a chattering..All of the input signals can be used as interrupt inputs. Interrupt trigger edge of the input signal is also selectable.
    • A rotary switch allows you to set device IDs to help you keep track of device numbers.
    • Like other F&eIT series products, the module has a 35mm DIN rail mounting mechanism as standard. A connection to a controller module can be effected on a lateral, stack basis in a unique configuration, which permits a simple, smart system configuration without the need for a backplane board.

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