RRY-4(FIT)GY 干簧继电器触点数字量输出 F&eIT总线 I/O模块 4点 (最大125VAC或30VDC)

  • RoHS Compliant
  • 标准保修1年
  • 延长保修可能
  • *


This product is the module for expansion (device module) which expands a reed relay junction output interface for various controllers. It is used connecting for I/O controller module CPU-CAxx(FIT)GY of F&eIT series, and microcontroller unit CPU-SBxx(FIT)GY. The relay output of a maximum of four points can be performed by one module.

    • The independent common reed relay junction output of four points can be performed.
    • Output rating is designed by the large scale of a maximum of 125VAC/30VDC and 2A per point.
    • Device ID can be set up with a rotary switch and apparatus number management can be performed easily.
    • This module is equipped with 35mmDIN rail attachment mechanism as standard like other F&eIT series products. Moreover, the connection with a controller module can constitute a system simply and smartly without using connection apparatus, such as a backplane board, since it has unique composition which carries out a stack connection on the side.

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