CPU-CA20(FIT)GY F&eIT 远程I/O 通信耦合器 / 1x LAN

  • RoHS Compliant
  • 标准保修1年
  • 延长保修可能
  • *


CPU-CA20(FIT)GY is the controller module which delivers input-and-output information by network connection (10BASE-T/100BASE-TX) with Host PC, connects the device module of F&eIT series, and can perform input-and-output processing of a signal. It is connectable, combining freely device modules (a maximum of eight sets), such as digital input and output, analog input and output, and a counter input.

    • Power saving and the low generation of heat CPU are adopted, and fan-less is realized. Moreover, it is the compact design which does not choose an installation place.
    • Device modules, such as digital input and output to connect, are controlled, and Host PC, various server units, and surveillance / control information are transmitted and received through Ethernet.
    • It can be used as a subsystem of a Web system which cooperated with I/O assistant server unit [SVR-IOAx(FIT)GY] *1 or monitoring control server unit [SVR-MMFx(FIT)GY] *1. ??*1 [x] within form expresses unsigned or the number of one character, and products differ.
    • If an attached driver library is used, surveillance and control of external equipment can be easily performed from the host PC on a network. Moreover, if a general-purpose socket function is used, a UNIX machine etc. is controllable also by OS's other than Windows.
    • Like other F&eIT series products, the module has a 35mm DIN rail mounting mechanism as standard. A connection to a controller module can be effected on a lateral, stack basis in a unique configuration, which permits a simple, smart system configuration without the need for a backplane board.

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