Sub-1GHz Specified Low-Power Wireless Communication Wireless I/O Series

Wireless I/O

Contec's wireless I / O series use Sub-1GHz band wireless, which is resistant to obstacles and has excellent transmission distance. We have prepared an analog input terminal (slave unit) and digital input / output terminal (slave unit) for wireless data communication between analog and digital signals, and an Ethernet gateway (master unit) for converting Ethernet to Sub-1GHz band wireless. Up to 128 I/O terminals (slave units) can be connected to one master unit (theoretical value)*. With strength against obstacles, capability of long-distance communications in the Sub-1GHz band, and mesh support, it is suitable to control or monitor devices that are spread in the wide area.

  • *
    The number of units that can actually be connected is affected by the communication environment and data collection interval.

Main Features

  • Highly reliable multi-hop communication

    With wireless multi-hop technology, the system ensures continuous communication by automatically looking for alternate routes if communication between units is interrupted..


  • Supports Sub-1GHz band wireless with excellent transmission distance

    The Sub-1GHz band, with the good wraparound characteristics of radio waves, the transmission distance (about 1 km) can be extended even there are obstacles. Stable communication can be achieved even in the environment where radio waves are mixed. As the product is suitable for long distance communication, network can be constructed on the wide area in the facilities without cable wiring.

  • Supports P2P(Peer-to-Peer) Mode

    By using a set of two terminals (slave units) without Ethernet gateway (master unit), PC, or PLC, each other's digital input signals can be transmitted and output to distant locations by wireless. (only for Digital I/O terminal DIO-0404LY-WQ-XX ). There is no need for troublesome programming, and digital signals can be input wirelessly with simple settings.

  • AES encrypted data communication

    AES(Advanced Encryption Standard) is a block cipher standard adopted by the US federal government, it is a general and strong symmetric encryption algorithm that is also used for encryption of wireless LAN communication.

  • Windows Version Driver Library API-TOOL for Windows

    By using the driver library API-TOOL for Windows that can be downloaded from our website, you can create application software for PC using various programming languages. To use it, wireless I/O series Ethernet gateway (master unit) is required.

Usage Patterns

Use the API-TOOL for Windows driver library (available to download from the CONTEC website) to create application software for PCs in a variety of programming languages.

Access the master unit via Modbus TCP for wireless/remote I/O control for Modbus TCP communication.

Use as a slave unit for CONPROSYS® Series Sub-1GHz wireless communication devices. Requires a CONPROSYS Series device capable of Sub-1GHz wireless communication (CPS-MC341Q-ADSC1-111, CPS-MCS341Q-DS1-131 (Available in Japan only))

In P2P mode, two digital I/O terminals can be placed opposite each other and the signals transmitted through the terminals, enabling the input of one device to be directly reflected as the output of the other device even without a master unit, PC, or PLC at distance of up to 1km(0.62mile).

Usage Example

Example introduction at a water treatment plant

  • Ideal for monitoring over a large area

    With advanced long-range wireless communication capabilities, the system is ideal for covering large area.

  • Highly reliable for preventing data loss

    With multi-hop communication, even if communication between a specific slave unit and the master unit fails, communication is still possible through the other slave units.

  • Installable in almost any location

    The robust, compact design allows for flexible installation on a DIN rail or using the optional antenna extension cable.

Airport baggage conveyor control systems/Product temperature monitoring systems in large warehouses with frequent layout changes, environments with many Wi-Fi (2.4GHz) signal sources/Monitoring systems with Sub-1GHz wireless communication channels/Tank level monitoring systems and so on.


Product name Model Function
Sub-1GHz Wireless Ethernet Gateway GW1-ETH-WQ ・Wireless I/O master unit
・Ethernet - Sub-1GHz wireless communication conversion
Sub-1GHz Wireless Isolated Digital I/O Terminal DIO-0404LY-WQ ・Wireless I/O slave unit
・Four photocoupler-isolated inputs (with support for current sink output)
・Four photocoupler-isolated open-collector outputs (current sink type)
・P2P (Peer-to-Peer) mode support
Sub-1GHz Wireless Analog Input Terminal AI-1004LY-WQ ・Wireless I/O slave unit
・10-bit, 4-channel analog input, ±10 V bipolar

Overseas Wireless Communication Standard Models

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