CONPROSYS™ Industrial IoT

Innovation of Measurement, Control, and Remote Monitoring Systems. Break into the IoT Revolution with CONPROSYS®

For over 30 years, Contec has led the PC- based electronic measurement, control, and factory automation markets with a wide variety of interface boards, sensors, and field equipment.
Our remote monitoring systems are integrated in more than 20,000 solar power stations and infrastructure equipment.
Our latest innovation is the result of extensive research and development aimed at providing customers with a path to IoT/M2M Solutions.
CONPROSYS is an easy-to-install IoT device offering cloud services.

CONPROSYS™ Industrial IoT

CONPROSYS Functionality

Products and Serices

  • M2M Controller series (Integrated Type)

    The integrated type is the most basic type specializing in easy realization of IoT. With a compact model case designing, it offers a wide range of models with a variety of I/O interfaces and communication protocols.

  • M2M Controller series (Configurable Type)

    The configurable type allows users to add a variety of I/O modules to a CPU controller providing ultimate flexibility.

  • Achieve IoT solution for PLCs from various vendors

    It easily connects the existing devices with IoT system by adding a M2M Gateway controller on to the existing devices.
    A single Gateway controller can collect data from multiple PLC controlled equipment. M2M Gateway series supports devices from a variety of vendors.

  • PAC series

    The CONPROSYS PAC series controller has a built in customized CODESYS Runtime engine, a software PLC. It complies with the IEC61131-3 standard programming. An Integrated Development Environment can be downloaded free of charge.

  • CONPROSYS Telemeter Series

    Necessary functions for remote monitoring such as "Monitoring", "File saving" and "Event monitoring(e-mail)" are included as standard.

  • CONPROSYS nano Series

    CONPROSYS nano featured with easy-to-use and good cost-performance will accelerate digital transformation of industrial system.

  • CONPROSYS Cloud Data Service

    Data collection and storage service transfers data from sensors and controllers to a cloud server.

  • Software

    Windows based software, such as tools of collecting data from devices, OPC server that links data to other systems, and etc.

Case Studies & Application Examples

Examples of IoT systems and case studies of user applications using CONPROSYS products.

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