CONPROSYS Cloud Data Service
(At this moment, this Cloud Data Service is supported in Japan only)

Data collection and storage service transfers data from sensors and controllers to a cloud server.

Easy to use IoT services

Easily store the collected data in the cloud.
Simply connect sensors to the controller to collect data. There is no need for detailed settings.
The data collected can also be transmitted using task scripting functions.

Easily manage data

The cloud server software provides a number of functions to manage the data collected.
Data collected can easily be viewed on a screen with simple graphs and lists.

Advanced security

Contec's cloud data services offer advanced security options that eliminate the user's need to identify and manage alternate security measures.

  • *
    Contec can customize reporting functionality for the user.
  • *
    For M2M controller (CPS-MC341) series users: the CONPROSYS Cloud Data Service supports firmware version Ver.1.3.1 or later.

CONPROSYS Cloud Data Service

Log In
Unit List
Top Monitor
Display Measured Data
Data Graph
User Master Maintenance
Define ID Information (popup)
Set Column Definition Screen (popup)
Set Notification Email List
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    Screen images are subject to change with new revisions.

Cloud Data Service Configuration

Service Contents

Services Price Type Price
Basic Services Initial Setting One-time Cost ¥10,000 *1
Basic Operating Annual Amount ¥24,000 *1
Measurement Unit Connection Annual Amount × Number of Connected Units ¥6,000 *1
*Does not include the communication costs
Monitoring Setting of Alarm Function Included within basic operation
Operating of Alarm Function Included within basic operation
Option Service External Connection Setting of Web API Services One-time Cost TBD
Operating of Web API Services Annual Amount TBD
  • *1
    Until September, the service is free of charge

Cloud Service Specification

Functions Items Contents Details
Browsing user management Max number of browsing users Browsing users can be added after initial setting (one user) Five users
Data Measurement Measurement interval Interval of data measurement One minute
Transmission interval Interval of measured data transmitted to cloud server 5 min
Data Management Retention period Minutely data 730 days (about 2 years)
Hourly Data 1825 days (about 5 years)
Daily Data 1825 days (about 5 years)
Monthly Data 7300 days (about 20 years)
Alarm Function Send e-mail Number of e-mail addresses Max five addresses

Basic Service Contents

Innitial Setting

Data Cloud Service Management Environment
  • Management Function
    The service system will set up an administrator account of the contractor. The administrator is able to creat and deleat measurement units and read-only user's accounts, and do other managerment functions.
  • Data Storage
    The service system will keep a storage area for the administrator to allow whom to save and use the measurement data collected from measruement unit(s) through internet. The system will also creat an user privilege account to login management function.
The service system will implement settings to provide a network environment, with it user can connect to the data storage area from the Internet.

Basic Operating

Data Storage Management Environment
The service system will manage and maintain the following functions to be as the same as the initial settings or usable status.
  • Management Function
  • Data Storage Server
Theservice system will manage and maintain the following network connction environment to be as the same as the initial settings or usable status.
Monitoring Function
The service system provides an e-main alarm function. When the system found the measurement data being over the preset threhold value, or when the system could not communicate with the measurement unit, it will send an e-mail to alarm the administrator and other preset users.
The administrator is able to use the e-mail alarm function by the service system initial settings. The administrator, however, has to do the settings to implement monitoring and e-mail notification functions.
Technical Inquiries
Technical Engineers will response to technical inquiries.

How to ask technical inquiries (Technical Support Center)

Option Service Contents

Web API Service

Web API Settings
Contec provides Web API which allows external servers to extract data from our Cloud Data Service server. The default setting is allowing external servers to use this data extracting function.
Web API Operating
Contec continuously maintains and manages the Web API service settings.

Provided time zone of this service and planned maintenance

  • This is a 24/7 service system.
  • In case the service system should be temporarily stopped because the planned maintenances, we will notify it by e-mail 15 days in advance.


  • We may limit the network bandwidth and the times of virtual memory disk accesses if we think that the use of network and data storage usage of the contractor would affect our system operating.
  • Contractor cannot enter our data center.

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