Partner Solutions

I/O interface expansion modules of the configurable type controllers and the IoT Edge controller.

CONPROSYS and Partner Solutions

Diagram of CONPROSYS and Partner Solutions

Microsoft Azure IoT Hub Communication

CONPROSYS VTC can be used to implement Azure IoT devices quickly.

CONPROSYS VTC Can Be Used to Implement Azure IoT Devices Quickly

By VTC (Visual Task Control) which is a task programming function standardly built-in CONPROSYS, data can be directly transmitted to Azure. There is no need to develop an application for communicating with Azure.

Azure Iot sent Mark

Specifications for Communication with The Azure IoT Hub

Item Specification
Number of Connected Azure IoT Hubs 1
(One device can connect to only one Azure IoT Hub.)
Communication Protocol HTTPS (AMQP and MQTT are not supported.)
Azure IoT Hub Security Authentication with security token
Transmission Method Execut the “Send Azure IoT" process task
Transmission Interval Optional (when the “Send Azure IoT" task is executed)
Ransmission Data Format JSON format (The specified file is converted to JSON format and transmitted.)
Item Specification
Transmission Timeout Period 30 seconds
Reception Method Automatic execution of the received data processing when transmission is executed
Reception Interval Synchronized with the transmission interval
Received Data Processing substitute the data into the TAG or STAG of the process task has assigned.
Reception Data Format JSON format
(TAG and STAG specification and substitute value)
TAGs That Can Be Used for Reception Data "TAG00" to "TAG99" and "STAG00" to "STAG99"

SD Cards for Communication with Partner Solutions

The option SD card makes it possible of that the built-in functions of CONPROSYS directly communicate with the partner solution. By inserting the SD card in a CONPROSYS controller, the IoT settings of the related company are added to the maintenance menu of the CONPROSYS controller.


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    CONPROSYS系列的 研讨会资料Ver. 3.20 (英语)


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