DIO-0808L-PCI Isolated Digital I/O Board for PCI

  • 库存有限
  • 标准保修3年
  • 修理承接期限 : 2023/12/16
  • Opto-coupler isolated input (compatible with current sink output) and opto-coupler isolated open-collector output (current sink type)
  • Opto-coupler bus isolation
  • All of the input signals can be used as interrupt request signals.
  • Windows compatible driver libraries are attached.
  • This product has a digital filter to prevent wrong recognition of input signals from carrying noise or a chattering.
  • Output circuits include zener diodes for surge voltage protection and poly-switches for overcurrent protection.
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型号 产品型号/适应规格
DIO-0808L-PCI [库存有限] [修理承接期限: 2023年12月16日] Isolated Digital I/O Board for PCI
  • CE 欧洲合格认证
  • FCC制度认证
  • VCCI


Expansion Accessory Module

項目 項目名
CM-32L Signal monitor Accessory for Digital I/O


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PCA37PS-P A one end connector (Mold type) shield cable for 37 pin D-SUB connector
PCB37P 37pin D-type(M) at Each End, Flat Cable
PCB37PS-P 37pin D-type(M) at Each End, Shield Cable


項目 項目名
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DTP-4C Screw Terminal
EPD-37 Screw Terminal (M3.5 x 37)

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