RRY-32(PCI)H 干簧继电器触点数字量输出 PCI总线 板卡 32点 (最大100VAC或100VDC)

  • RoHS Compliant
  • 标准保修3年
  • 延长保修可能
  • 32 reed relays with a single make contact are implemented. These relays are classified into four groups, each group (eight relays) sharing a minus common pin.
  • Output ratings are designed for a maximum of 100VAC/100VDC and 500 mA per channel, a maximum of 1A for each group (one group of eight channels share a minus common). Relay contactor rating is 10VA(10W) maximum.
  • *



型号 产品型号 适应规格
RRY-32(PCI)H 干簧继电器触点数字量输出 PCI总线 板卡 32点 (最大100VAC或100VDC)
  • CE 欧洲合格认证
  • VCCI


Device Drivers

項目 項目名
API-DIO(98/PC) Windows version Digital I/O Driver
API-DIO(LNX) Linux version Digital I/O Driver
API-DIO(WDM) Windows Driver for Digital I/O Driver
API-TIMER(W32) Timer Driver
API-TIMER(WDM) Windows Driver for Timer Driver
IO-LIB(WDM) Windows General-purpose I/O Driver

Development Support Tools

項目 項目名
ACX-PAC(W32) ActiveX components sets for measurement system development
DAQ-DNC-FE A collection of .NET components for DAQfast measurement system development.
DAQ-LV-WIN LabVIEW Data Acquisition Library
VI-DAQ VI Library of data acquisition for LabVIEW


項目 項目名
PCA37P 37pin D-type(M) to Open-Ended, Flat Cable
PCA37PS-P A one end connector (Mold type) shield cable for 37 pin D-SUB connector
PCB37P 37pin D-type(M) at Each End, Flat Cable
PCB37PS-P 37pin D-type(M) at Each End, Shield Cable


項目 項目名
DTP-3C General Purpose Terminal
DTP-4C Screw Terminal
EPD-37 Screw Terminal (M3.5 x 37)

Extended Warranty Service

項目 項目名
ESP-F6 Extended warranty service package (6 years service course) (Japan only)

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