AIO-121601UE3-PE 模拟量输入输出 PCI Express 总线板卡 /16ch 模拟量输入(12bit 1Ms/s) / 1ch 模拟量输出 / 3ch 计数器 - 多功能DAQ E系列

  • RoHS Compliant
  • 标准保修3年
  • 延长保修可能
  • Resolution :12-bit, combination speed : 1µsec/ch
  • Equipped with mass-storage buffer memory (16M data) that can be used in the FIFO or RING format
  • A variety of accessories are available for function expansion.
  • Bundled with data logger software and Windows/Linux driver libraries
  • The start/end of sampling can be controlled by software, comparison of conversion data, an external trigger, etc.
  • *



总线规格 PCI Express
类型 Short Size
所用连接器 2x Pin header 16-pin (Male); D-SUB 37-pin (Female)


Input Channels Single-ended 16-ch (Differential 8-ch)
Input Range ±10V; ±5V; ±2.5V; 0 to 10V; 0 to 5V
ADC Resolution 12-bit
Sampling Rate 1μsec/ch (max.)
缓冲存储器 16M word
Output Channels 1-ch
Output Range ±10V; ±5V; 0 to 10V
DAC Resolution 12-bit
Update rate 6μsec (max.)


输入点数 4-ch
输出点数 4-ch
双向输入输出点数 -
响应时间(输入) 200nsec (max.)
响应时间(输出) 200nsec (max.)
工作电压(输入) 5VDC-TTL
工作电压(输出) 5VDC-TTL
输入电路 Non-isolated TTL level input (Positive logic)
输出电路 Non-isolated TTL level output (Positive logic)
内置外部电路用电源 -


Number of Channels -
Counting System -
Response speed -

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