Technology for a better life

The Contec Group harnesses technology to improve the lives of people around the world.


Business areas

Creative Technology Solutions Tailored to Fix Real Business Problems

Contec is a company of passionate problem solvers. We are on a mission to develop innovative solutions for the real business challenges our customers face every day. Our unique combination of products and services increase productivity, improve efficiency, and reduce cost. We achieve this through world-class engineering, unsurpassed quality, and more than 40 years of industry experience.

Contec is a global electronics manufacturer and systems integrator. We specialize in embedded computing, industrial automation, and M2M/IoT communication technology. Our products are used around the world in factory automation, transportation, medical and life sciences, robotics, security, energy, government, and beyond.


Innovative medical technology manufactured with precision, traceability, and control

As part one of the world's most critical and highly regulated industries, medical device manufactures require the highest level of reliability and control. Some of the world's largest medical OEMs have trusted Contec for more than three decades.

From our ISO 13485 manufacturing facility, Contec delivers innovative, purpose-built medical computing solutions with a unique focus on long-life cycle, device history and traceability, and revision control.

Smart City

Supporting multi-vendor, system integration for a complete CONTEC IoT Solution

The smart city of tomorrow will feature the latest IoT technology, environmentally conscious design, and sustainable economic development strategies. Achieving this requires a complex understanding of the latest technological advancements, engineering and industrial design expertise, and system integration capabilities.

Contec has been pioneer in the field of measurement and control for over 40 years. Smart cities are an integral part of our complete IoT solution strategy. In addition to our extensive product portfolio, Contec develops proprietary software in order to offer our customers a complete connected city solution. Many of our products are compatible with hardware from other manufacturers, to maximize your existing assets and optimize your investment.

Factory Automation

Extensive product portfolio and development expertise for the factory of the future

Back in 1975, Contec was one of the first companies to utilize PC-based technology in industrial automation. Since then, Contec has been a global pioneer in the field of measurement and control. Drawing from over 40 years of experience in factory automation (FA) technology, Contec helps customers around the world optimize automation control, R&D, production processes, and maintenance.

We provide our customers with realistic, executable, and cost effective IoT solutions which leverage internationally recognized technology standards and multi-vendor hardware environments.


  • 1975

    Pioneer of PC-based industrial technologies since 1975

  • 30%

    Over 30% of workforce dedicated to Research & Development

  • 30Years

    Custom OEM solutions provider for 30 years

  • 500

    500+ employees worldwide

  • 50,000

    Integrated into 50,000 IoT systems around the world

  • 40,000,000

    Over 40 million digital sensors use Contec measurement and control boards.

Main products


The Contec Group is proud of its mission as a global pioneer company that places "Computer for All Automation" at the core of its business. Making full use of its comprehensive technological capabilities and excellent customer service—both before and after sales—in the Computer, electronics, control, data, communication, and SI (System Integration) fields, the Group provides standard, customized, and OEM/CTO products to its customers around the world.

Aiming to develop as a global company, the Contec Group has established companies for sales, R&D, production, procurement, and customer service both in Japan and in countries such as the United States, China, Taiwan, and Singapore. The Group is also building a network of overseas agents.