Transition Toward Open Technologies

Automotive and related industries are the driving force of the manufacturing industry. Possible improvements are frequently identified at each processes in manufacturing line. Not only the automation of each process but visualization, improve work efficiency, quality, traceability, and logistics by ICT are being promoted.

Open technologies are being adopted into production facilities of automotive industry along with advancing IoT technologies and Industrial IoT platforms like “Industrie 4.0”.

CONTEC: a Good Partner of Automotive Industry

Automotive industry is one of the most proven field of CONTEC with supplying huge amount of automated painting system and tracablity system for manufacuturing information systems.

CONTEC can propose most optimum system that meet your various demands with the market leading proven know-hows, that realizes supply of ICT system to aggregate all sort of information from various production equipment real time, prevention system for assembly error by operator, production management system etc.

Case Studies


Volkswagen Group Japan KK (VGJ) imports and sells 3 million repair parts and accessories annually at over 350 dealers throughout Japan. The company uses a digital sorting system on site to sort the ordered parts smoothly based on their shipment destination, and this system helps improve work efficiency and keep costs down. The digital sorting system is called a "sorting rack system."

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