Labor Shortage and Globalization Issues Faced by the Logistics Industry

The shortage of trucks has become increasingly serious, and issues that have affected the logistics industries for many years are becoming more and more apparent. Warehouse operations are also impacted by the ongoing labor shortage. These problems are likely to put pressure on the logistics industry in the future. Therefore, the utilization of IoT technologies is drawing attention as a solution to them, as well as globalization challenges.

Contec for the Stable Distribution System Operations

Wireless handy terminals are indispensable to manage distribution and inventory through barcodes. Ideally, all devices, including other on-site devices, should be able to communicate wirelessly. However, normal operations are sometimes impeded due to communication dead zones or communication quality issues. CONTEC’s FLEXLAN wireless LAN solution is less susceptible to radio interference and prevents communication quality degradation. A smooth communication environment can be achieved through business features such as a repeater function that covers all dead zones using multiple wireless stations.

We also have a wealth of experience in developing business systems such as EC-compliant inventory management systems, voice-activated picking systems, and digital assortment systems (DAS).

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