Challenges and Innovations in Manufacturing

In recent years the manufacturing industry is considering new investments aimed at upgrading and optimizing factories and supply chains from a global view point to strengthen its presence in the globalization of business environment.

In factories, i.e. the bedrock of business, implementation of manufacturing innovations with IoT (Internet of Things) is required in accordance with development of Industrial IoT technologies in the world such like "Industry 4.0" proposed by German government and industries.

CONTEC: Pioneer of Measurement & Control Technology for Automations

As a pioneer of the measurement & control by micro electronics, CONTEC offers a vast lineup of reliable and high performance products that can support various sensors and actuators. Based on its expertise in highly reliable technology with electronic devices for factory automation since our establishment in 1975, we provide FA control equipment and systems that can optimize automation, research and development, production processes, and maintenance.

CONTEC proposes IoT system based on open technologies that compliant with international standards such like open platforms and programming environments which are independent on specific manufacturers as well as field networks not depending on specific / proprietary communication protocols.


Case Studies


The AGC Group provides application solutions for architectural, automotive, and display glass as well as chemicals and other high-performance materials to customers around the world.
Under its AGC plus 2.0 management policy, the AGC Group is committed to promoting Smart AGC, which aims to transform business processes through digital technology. AGC has been improving the efficiency of its business processes by introducing digital technology not only in manufacturing and R&D but also in such back-office operations as purchasing and logistics departments.


Mitsuboshi Diamond Industrial Co., Ltd. is using high quality processing technology for various types of glass, establishing a process to work with various hard brittle material, and creating equipment and tools for that. Recent new product development placed an emphasis on realizing high-speed, high-precision laser processing technology and preventing the outflow of design and technology assets (by creating a black box for control technology). When we were searching for a trustworthy business partner with reliable technology, we came across the Contec controller. It has high performance, and our new product development took off.


Fuji Keisoku System's automatic engine data sampling system is used in a wide variety of fields using engines from various manufacturers including those of automobiles, bicycles, automotive parts, construction and heavy machinery, and petroleum. This system uses a Windows computer with a Contec measurement and control interface board embedded in the expansion unit.


Iwasaki Electric Mfg. Co., Ltd. developed Cyber Tester to help eliminate malfunctions from occurring. To achieve this, this system uses the Contec CTO-compatible controller. This is helping to enhance quality management.


Nakamura Choukou Co., Ltd. manufactures and sells "DINA-PRISM", a diamond saw wire cutting tool that is essential to the slicing process of electronic materials used for solar panels and LEDs. This company develops unique diamond wire technology. This technology is used to commercialize the slice processing of silicon ingots. A manufacturing execution system (MES) is used to manage this manufacturing process to improve their work efficiency and quality, and lower costs.


Contec implemented the CONPROSYS™ series of M2M/IoT Solutions developed in house to Komaki factory, which is the main base for Contec's domestic production. The main purpose is to strengthen and enhance quality, cost, and delivery (QCD) by realizing visualization, and demonstrate the usefulness of Contec products. We are steadily obtaining results.

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