Medical Devices are chosen with High Added Value

We have now reached a point where it is necessary to use medical devices that include added value. Healthcare workers need to supply a lot of information relative to the effectiveness and results required to handle the new remuneration model. In order to devote healthcare workers’ time to their primary tasks, medical devices need to be equipped with top-of-the-line analysis features as well as functions that allow information to be automatically exchanged with medical information systems. It is also becoming essential to have reliable computers as well as information communication network systems. In addition, it is necessary to obtain the certifications specified by each country’s trade control authority in order to export medical devices.

Providing a Long-Term Supply of Global PCs

Medical devices are usually replaced after having been used for five years or more. PCs for medical devices may also be recognized as medical devices. The five-year supply and six-year maintenance guidelines CONTEC implements for its industrial computers are the reason they are chosen by many medical device manufacturers.

The fact that CONTEC is able to obtain the certifications required to export or develop products overseas is also a major asset of the group. CONTEC is a business partner for your global development.

Case Studies


Kameda General Hospital is working to further enhance its medical services, which place emphasis on the patient, and it has incorporated the DIT-1000 bedside information terminal in 300 rooms in its private inpatient room facility, K-Tower. This multi-function information terminal provides TV viewing, Internet browsing, food selection, and viewing of electronic medical records connected to the hospital information network.


Shin-ichiro Miyake, Chief Director of Miyake Medical Institute Group places importance on the hospitality of in-patients and saw the need to incorporate bedside computers. However, it was difficult to find the ideal system. Then we came across the Contec DIT-1000. The level of expectation for this information terminal and Contec are at a high.

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