Potential of IoT and Open Technologies for Energy-Saving Regulations

The construction and building industries are shifting from closed-systems composed of equipment by specific manufacturers to open-systems based on global standards that allow products from different manufacturers to be interconnected. In addition, the obligation to rate the energy-saving performance of buildings are mostly progressed in Europe and the United States.

In order to visualize facility operation information, have an understanding of the energy-saving performance, and establish a structure including maintenance, the integration of various equipment and information is necessary with IoT technologies.

CONTEC for All Your Building Automation Needs

From the supply of embedded computers and network equipment for device control, information management, and authentication, to comprehensive assistance. CONTEC meets a wide variety of needs in building automation with reliable electronics technologies developed in the industrial field.

We solve your by utilizing our open technologies such as demand control in lighting and air conditioning, CCTV, elevator monitoring, signage inside elevators, and control devices for residential API/ECHONET communication.


Case Studies


In addition to the manufacture and sale of monitoring cameras and lenses, CBC also constructs total security systems using network technology. The GANZ Pro advanced recording program for network cameras is used in apartments, supermarkets, convenience stores, financial institutions, and data centers. The Contec FA computer VPC-1000 is used as the GANZ Pro security system.

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