EPC Embedded Computers

The optimal design of Contec's embedded computers is based on proprietary technologies and goes beyond existing form factors. The achieved reliability cannot be simply expressed by standards and performance indications or with catalog specifications. In addition, long-term supply is ensured through our own global procurement network and product life cycle management. We are very proud of our proprietary products.

BOX Computers

A trusted brand of "Contec's BOX Computer" that has contributed to equipment miniaturization, cost reduction, and functionality updates. Used as embedded controllers in automatic equipment and inspection systems, as well as in digital signage and in-vehicle computing.

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Panel Computers

Our embedded "Panel Computers" integrate a touch panel LCD with a PC. Suitable for operation panels, operation terminals, and monitoring systems in machine equipment and on production lines.

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Flat Panel Displays

A flat LCD panel equipped with a touch panel function. The best match for BOX Computers.

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Digital Signage Players

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