EPC Embedded Computers

Founded on innovations in industrial computing and computer-based technology since 1975, Contec’s embedded computers are known for their reliability, performance and longevity. Our purpose-built embedded computing solutions are developed with the customer in mind, drawing from over 40 years of experience and our own proprietary technologies. Our embedded product line is well suited medical, industrial, commercial uses and includes box computers, panel PCs, flat panel displays, digital signage players, point-of-sale solutions and beyond.

Embedded Computers

Whether from our standard line or a fully custom solution, Contec offers a wide range of embedded computer solutions well suited for a variety of environments. Our compact box PCs can reduce equipment size, lower costs and improve functionality. Contec’s embedded box computers can be found in factory automation equipment and inspection systems, digital signage applications, automotive technology, kiosks, point-of-sale solutions and more.

Mainstream・Slim Type

DIN-rail Mount Type

Rugged Type for Railway and Vehicle

IoT Gateway with McAfee Whitelisting

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EPC Series

Panel Computers

Our embedded "Panel Computers" integrate a touch panel LCD with a PC. Suitable for operation panels, operation terminals, and monitoring systems in machine equipment and on production lines.

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Flat Panel Displays

A flat LCD panel equipped with a touch panel function. The best match for BOX Computers.

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Digital Signage Players

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