Paradigm Shift: From ICT to "Smart Agriculture"

The Agricultural industry needs to reduce farm work burden soon due to labor shortage by aging society. How cultivation techniques will be passed down to the next generation of farmers is also a medium-term challenge. On the other hand, the use of ICT such as robot technology, remote sensing technology, cloud systems, etc., is rapidly progressing in other industries. This trend is also reaching the agricultural sector, and a “smart” scientific agriculture paradigm shift based on data is around the corner.

Agriculture as a Manufacturing Industry.
"Smart Agriculture" with Measurement and Control Technologies.

Agriculture can be seen as a Manufacturing Industry. CONTEC’s measurement and control technologies can also be used in the agricultural sector.
CONTEC’s controllers have excellent environmental resistance and can be operated stably even in environments where the temperature varies as outdoors. Sensing the environment of greenhouses, and controlling automatically based on acquisition data. We contribute to automating the watering process, which is a skill that takes 10 years to master, achieving quality control of local branded products, solving agricultural issues, and further increasing production volumes.

Case Studies


Daiwa Computer Co., Ltd. Ltd., which develops core software for business use, integrates services, and sells systems, is currently aiming for "i-農業®" (i-Nogyo) (Nogyo=Agriculture) with ICT. The company adopted Contec's CONPROSYS PAC Series into the cutting-edge melon hydroponic cultivation for the next generation agriculture improvement.

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