PC-HELPER PC-based DAQ & Control

As a leading manufacturer of PC-based measurement control and communication systems, we provide more than 300 types of easy-to-use device components based on the concept "Bring the Ease of PCs to Factory Automation and Measurement Control". We provide PCI Express / PCI / Raspberry Pi compatible cards, Ethernet, abundant wireless communication device products, and also have support software such as low code development tools and data loggers to support your application development.

Measurement and Control, Communication Interface

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Support Software

Device Drivers / Software Development Kit (SDK) - API-TOOL

API-TOOL is a software development kit that supports more than 250 types of measurement control / communication interfaces. The API is integrated for each function, making it bus-independent and ensuring high compatibility at the API level. Includes sample programs for popular languages ​​such as Visual Basic .NET, Visual C #, and Python, and a self-diagnosis report function.

Middlewares / DAQfast Library

NEW!DAQfast for Visual Studio

A GUI-based measurement system development support tool compatible with the Visual Studio low-code integrated development environment. It contains a collection of components that are very useful for developing applications using Contec’s wealth of measurement control devices in the PC-HELPER series (PCIe/PCI, USB, Ethernet) and the industrial IoT CONPROSYS™ nano series.

DAQfast for LabVIEW

A free LabVIEW compatible data acquisition library for using our company’s devices (PCIExpress / PCI / USB module) with National Instruments LabVIEW. Adopted Polymorphic VI and designed so that LabVIEW users operate easily without any discomfort. Easy, quickly realize customer's 'I want to do'.

DAQfast for Edgecross

A software that implements cooperation between Edgecross basic software platform and data from measurement control and remote I/O devices. It enables you to utilize our abundant measurement control and remote I/O equipment on the Edgecross platform. Data can be collected from sensors and switch circuits that are not compatible with industrial networks.

DAQfast for Fieldbus

NEW! Utilize IO-Link with Windows
The Modbus communication library allows you to control the communication of the CONPROSYS IO-Link master CPSL-08P1EN from Windows. You can build a PC-based remote I/O system by utilizing the abundant intelligent sensors that support IO-Link.


A Windows version of data logger software for analog I/O device products. It provides true data collection and monitoring function, such collected signal data graph drawing, zoom observation, file saving, and dynamic transfer to Excel (spreadsheet program) without any need for annoying programming.

C-WaveformGenerator is a Software that easily outputs basic waveforms using Contec’s analog output device on Windows 11/10. Compatible with a wide variety of measurement control devices PC-HELPER series (PCIe/PCI, USB).

A software that uses a Contec high-speed bidirectional digital I/O device (32DM series) to generate digital signals and provide logic analyzer functions based on sampling. It is capable of automatically generating digital signal patterns and directly editing data in graphs, as well as generating signals based on a wide range of output conditions, checking signals that were sampled under specified conditions, saving data in files, searching data patterns, frequency calculation, and other functions.

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