Operation Monitoring: For the renewable energy industry

The number of businesses involved in renewable energy, including solar power generation, has surged due to the enforcement of the Act on Special Measures Concerning the Procurement of Renewable Electric Energy. It is therefore more than ever essential to have a mechanism that can properly monitor the operation status of power generation facilities, which is directly related to electricity sales revenues.
In April 2017, the revised FIT (Feed-in Tariff Scheme) Law came into force, making it mandatory for solar power producers to control the amount of electricity they transmit if so requested by the power transmission and distribution business operators. This situation may come up as early as FY2017 in the Kyushu area in Japan. It is therefore urgent to introduce power conditioners and communication equipment that include an output control function.

CONTEC for All Your Remote Monitoring System

CONTEC has delivered many remote monitoring systems that make use of wide-area communication networks to water treatment facilities, dams, as well as solar power generation and wind power generation plants.

Particularly in the field of solar power generation, we have developed a dedicated package system for the SolarView brand as a turnkey solution which has been introduced at more than 30,000 power stations. We began offering a new package system compatible with the revised FIT Law for the Japanese market. The system is a combination of sophisticated monitoring display functions and power conditioner output control functions.


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