DIO-32DM2-PE 数字量输入输出 PCI Express总线 板卡 双方向32点 (总线主控传输 非绝缘3.3VDC-LVTTL)

  • RoHS Compliant
  • 标准保修3年
  • 延长保修可能
  • 32channels of unisolated LVTTL level I/O (32 input channels / each 16channels for I/O / 32 output channels are selected.)
  • Sampling and generating with transfer rate at 20MHz maximum
  • A synchronization control connector is provided for synchronized control of multiple boards.
  • You can use Max. 4 input signals as interrupt request signals at the time of using the general-purpose I/O.
  • Windows/Linux compatible driver libraries are attached.
  • You can use pull-up and the voltage selection.
  • *



总线规格 PCI Express
类型 Short Size
所用连接器 2x Pin header 10-pin (male); 1.27mm-pitch 96-pin (Male)


输入点数 -
输出点数 -
双向输入输出点数 32-ch
响应时间(输入) 50nsec (max.)
响应时间(输出) 50nsec (max.)
工作电压(输入) 3.3VDC-LVTTL
工作电压(输出) 3.3VDC-LVTTL
输入电路 Non-isolated TTL level input (Positive logic); Non-isolated LVTTL level input (Positive logic)
输出电路 Non-isolatedLVTTL level output (Positive logic)
内置外部电路用电源 -

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