API-AIO(LNX) Analog I/O Driver for Linux

康泰克的测量控制I/O板卡开始支持流行的编程语言“ Python”。无论是Windows还是Linux系统,都可以使用相同的函数结构对配备各种总线接口的设备进行编程。


API-AIO(LNX) is the driver software for using CONTEC analog input/output board by Linux. The function group by the driver and Shared library of module form is offered.

    • Fundamental functions of analog input/output are offered.
    • Programming which is not conscious of the difference in the function of CONTEC analog input/output board is possible.
    • The setting parameter to CONTEC analog input-and-output board is held as the default value. Operation is possible without a setup of a parameter.
    • A setting program outputs the setting file, a driver starting script, and a stop script which makes shift easy to execution environment.

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