System Integration: Sustainable Solutions with Competitive Advantages

System Integration: Sustainable Solutions with Competitive Advantages

As part of our system integration services, the Contec Supply Chain Management team has a primary goal when supporting our customers: "Create sustainable supply chain solutions that provide competitive advantages with maximum customer service levels at the lowest total cost. The solutions will provide measurable increases in shareholder wealth and will support the growth of Contec, its customers and suppliers as a whole."

Supply Chain Management is a critical measurement of the overall financial goals for our customers. Our supply chain team works diligently to align Contec with our suppliers to secure low cost, on time delivery of materials and cost effective logistics support. This level of detail keeps our customer's cost low and ensures we have the materials readily available to create the end-to-end system integration solution our customer is looking for.

The supply chain team at Contec aids to revolutionize the manufacturing process. Not only do we design and produce a quality product, but we go the extra mile to deliver our solutions with optimum cost savings. This strategic partnership between the team at Contec and our customers presents a long-term relationship and creates a win-win situation.

Our flexible supply chain solutions include:

  • Product Life Management
  • Market Trend Analysis
  • Sales and Operation Planning (S&OP)
  • Supplier Qualification Process
  • NPI Risk Mitigation

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