Materiality Identification

Following the formation of our medium-term management plan in February 2021, we at Contec have identified material issues relating to our efforts to achieve a sustainable society.

In accordance with our management philosophy of “Contributing to Society with Creative Technologies and Products,” we remain committed to contributing to the achievement of the SDGs through dialogue and co-creation with our stakeholders, as well as addressing and dealing with material issues.

When we formulate the next medium-term management plan, we intend to review material issues in view of changes in the business environment and social trends.

Theme Related SDGs Materiality
Manpower reduction
  • Supply of products using artificial intelligence (AI) and next-generation communications technologies
  • Supply of products for automation
  • Provision of healthcare-related systems
Risk management
  • Compliance with laws and regulations of various countries
  • No information leaks from Contec's products or services
Realization of diversity
  • Women's empowerment and compliance with the Act on Employment Promotion etc. of Persons with Disabilities
  • Improvement efforts under the Health and Productivity Management certification scheme
Realization of a carbon-free society
  • Provision of a renewable energy generation and measurement system
  • Development of environmentally friendly products

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