Contec Group Code of Conduct

    This Group Code of Conduct defines the fundamentalprinciples we (all directors, officers an d employees of the Cont ec Group) should follow in order to realize the Contec Group company creed and management philosophy. In performing our duties as members of the Contec Group , we act faithfully in accordance with this Code under the following Basic Stance.

Basic Stance

  • We will act in accordance with applicable laws, rules, regulations, social norms and ethics.
  • We will place safety as a major premise in all aspects of our business activities.
  • We will remain committed to the creed of “Hini Arata”as we take on new challenges and make changes for the better.

1. Compliance

  • We will act in good faith and comply with all applicable laws,rules, regulations and social norms of each country in all aspects of our business activities.

2. Safety and health

  • We will place safety as a top priority in all of our business activities.
  • We will develop and provide safe, high-quality products and services.
  • We will strive to maintain and increase the health and well-being of our employees as well as provide comfortable and clean workplaces.

3. Relationship with customers and business partners

3-1. Customers

  • We will provide the best products and services from the customer’s perspective.
  • We will maintain appropriate quality control and risk management strategies in accordance with applicable standards in each country and region when providing products and services.
  • We will investigate the cause of any problem or accident that occurs, respond to the problem sincerely and promptly, and take action to prevent recurrence.

3-2. Business partners

  • We will establish a fair and equitable relationship with our business partners and aim for mutual healthy growth.
  • We will s elect suitable suppliers based on quality, reliability, price and other reasonable criteria.
  • We will not pursue personal interests over the Group’s interests; such as receiving personal benefits or convenience in the course of our business conducts.

3-3. Faithful and fair trade

  • We will comply with applicable laws, rules and regulations in each country and re gion including competition laws, and conduct faithful and fair trade.
  • We will comply with import/export laws and regulations applicable in each country and region, and manage our business properly in import and export transactions according to internal regulations.

3-4. Business entertainment and gift-giving

  • We will comply with applicable laws, rules and regulations in each country and region, act according to social ethics and ensure transparency in respect of entertainment and gift-giving with customers, business partners and other stakeholders.
  • We will not provide entertainment or carry out gift-giving to domestic and/or international public offcials to obtain improper business advantages.

4. Relationship with shareholders and investors

4-1. Disclosure of corporate information

  • We will strive to enhance disclosure of information and prom ote communication in order to build relationships of trust with shareholders and other stakeholders.
  • We will disclose a ccurate corporate information timely and fairly, and ensure transparency.

4-2. Prohibition of insider trading

  • We will strictly manage non-public information (insider information) that affects investment decisions concerning our company and affiliated companies, and exercise appropriate caution with regard to the handling of such information.
  • We will not engage in insider trading or activities that may appear to be insider trading.

5. Relationship with individuals

5-1. Respect for human rights

  • We will respect the human rights of employees and all other individuals involved in our business activities.
  • We will prohibit discrimination or disadvantageous treatment based on race, creed, gender, religion, nationality, political opinion, d isability o r any oth er protected classification.
  • We will not permit child labor or forced labor.
  • We will not excuse any form of harassment.

5-2. Realize the potential of each employee

  • We will respect the diversity of individuals and create an environment in which each employee can demonstrate his or her full potential.
  • We will strive to fairly provide opportunities for employee development as needed and as appropriate.
  • We will strive to expand ourselves and each other's abilities and d emonstrate our full potential.

6. Relationship with society

6-1. Environment

  • We will contribute to the preservation of the global environment through our business operations.
  • We will develop environmentally friendly products and services, and offer them widely to society.
  • Each and every one of us will conduct business with a high environmental awareness.

6-2. Local community

  • We will strengthen cooperation with the local community and various social contribution activities.

6-3. Politics and government

  • We will deal openly with politicians and governments and maintain transparency in all that we do.

6-4. Antisocial forces

  • We will stand firmly against “antisocial forces”. or organized c rime, including g roups or organizations that threaten the safety and order of civil society. We will maintain absolutely no relationship with them.

7. Management of corporate assets and information

7-1. Corporate assets protection

  • We will use corporate assets only for legitimate business purposes and manage them appropriately with clear distinction between company property and the property of private individuals.

7-2. Intellectual property protection

  • We will strive to develop, maintain and effectively use intellectual property rights and will respect and not unfairly use or infringe any third party's intellectual property rights.

7-3. Information protection

  • We will recogniz e the value of our t echnical information and expertise and appropriately use and manage it.
  • We w ill s trictly m anage i nformation on customers and business partners obtained through business activities and will only use it for legitimate purposes.
  • We will carefully protect personal information in accordance with all applicable laws and build a structure for the acquisition, management and protection of such information.
  • We will recognize the importance of information security and strive to prevent information leaks.

8. Avoiding conflicts of interest

  • We will always act in the best interests of the company.
  • We will not put individual interests before company interests without company approval.

9. Dealing with violations and recurrence prevention

  • We will report to our superiors or through the internal reporting system and other available channels when we detect actions contrary to this Code.
  • We will promptly take correcti ve act ions, investigate the cause and strive to prevent recurrence in response to situations contrary to this Code.

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