Technologically Advanced Tablets

It is a busy world and for many organizations that requires keeping people and equipment connected, regardless of conditions, environment or application. Handheld tablets have become a staple in the Medical, Industrial, Commercial and Aerospace industries.

Contec offers a host of handheld computing solutions, built on the latest embedded platforms to meet a variety of needs. Our Handheld Solutions vary from the high performance, user-friendly medical laptops and tablet PCs to ruggedized tablets; each built to provide true mobility, functionality and durability. Our product line also provides cost effective commercial solutions where price and performance play an equally important role in product selection.

Industrial Grade Tablets & Laptops

Rugged and Functional Industrial Grade Tablets & Laptops

Contec’s lineup of Industrial and Commercial Grade Tablet PCs and Laptops deliver high performance, low power consumption, and unrivaled options. With a focus on rugged and functional products, our industrial tablet PC and industrial laptop solutions are designed to improve efficiency, productivity, service and support.

Medical Grade Tablets & Laptops

To Increase Collaboration and Improve Quality of Care We Offer Medical Grade Tablets & Laptops

Contec’s medical tablet PC product line is designed to increase collaboration and improve quality of care and caregiver efficiency. All products comply with industry standards (UL-60601-1/EN60601-1, CE/FCC Class B Certified) and are equipped with the most advanced Intel® and ARM based embedded computing solutions.

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